Mayor Shem G. Garay said the recently-conducted cleanup drive was successful, thus, the monthly municipal wide cleanup campaign should be done once a month to help in maintaining cleanliness all over the municipality, especially its coastlines.

Maintenance workers pick up trash in Barangay Lacasa as part of the municipality’s monthly Cleanup Drive activity.

The local chief executive pointed the cleanup campaign is needed to have an impact on the overall cleanliness around the municipality to help prevent the proliferation of illnesses that compromise the health of the people and the state of the town’s environment, thus, the monthly municipal wide cleanup campaign should be a regular activity.

Clean-up activity as part of the environmental initiatives of the local government to keep the municipality, especially its coastlines, clean.

Aside from the monthly conduct of a municipal wide cleanup campaign, the local government institutionalized the search for cleanest barangays via Hapsay, Limpyo ug Himsog na Barangay Contest wherein the judging is done year-round to ensure the sustainable implementation of RA 9003or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 beneficial in helping preserve and protect the municipality’s environment.

The mayor urged the utmost cooperation of the residents in the sustained implementation of the monthly cleanup drive to achieve a good state of the environment that will translate to healthy people.

The cleanup drive is a strong show of community and cooperation in protecting and preserving the environment.