Sangguniang Bayan Ordinance CV-353 Series of 2009 says it all!

Say “no” to plastic bags!

The Local government of Hinatuan is now fully implementing the “Plastic Bag Regulation” for dry goods in markets and establishments including the purchase of food in carenderia or restaurant to reduce if not totally eliminate the use of plastic bags as packaging materials.

Bring Your Own Eco-Friendly Bag When You Shop

Support the local economy by buying items from local stores. But when you shop, carry your own eco-friendly bag. 

Bring Your Own reusable container when you buy food in the carenderia

You can absolutely bring a container to a carenderia or any dining establishment when you buy food. And if you’ve eaten there and you’re taking leftovers with you, you don’t need to ask for a to-go container. You can pull your own container out of your bag. Put your leftovers in your own container and take it home.

To get in the bring-your-own habit, make it as important to you as your cellphone!