As per national directives from the Department of Agriculture Central Office in partnership with Local Government Units, the municipality of Hinatuan conducted a month-long mass registration for Registry System for Basic Agriculture(RSBSA) on November 15-December 15, 2019 to 24 barangays in Hinatuan.

Why is there a need to enlist in this program? RSBSA refers to the electronic database of basic information of farmers, farm-laborers, farm workers, fishermen and targeted beneficiaries of agriculture-related programs and services of the government. Enlisted RSBSA will be the minimum requirement in receiving/availing agri-related government services particularly for the programs and projects of the DA, its bureaus, attached agencies and cooperatives. This serves as the basis for availing financial assistance and subsidies for farmers and fisherfolks who are registered in the electronic database by government agencies’ priority and targets in the implementation of their respective programs.

Moreover, in Republic Act 11203 Sec 14 or An Act Liberalizing The Importation, Exportation and Trading of Rice, Lifting for the Purpose the Quantitative Import Restriction on Rice and for Other Purposes , it provides that the beneficiaries of the “Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF)” shall be those farmers and farmworkers and their dependents who are listed in the RSBSA and rice cooperatives and associations accredited by the DA.

Recently, the Local Government Unit of Hinatuan through Municipal Agriculture Office conducted mass registration for RSBSA. The office continues to accept applicants who want to register in RSBSA with the following requirements:

1.) Age qualification: Must be at least 18 years old
2.) ID pictures needed: “2 x 2” size
3.) Proof of land ownership must be presented
4.) Valid Identification Cards presentation; and
5.) Filling out and signing the RSBSA enrolment form

It was noted that through this registration for RSBSA, the targeted beneficiaries of agricultural-related programs and services will be intensively assisted in uplifting their economic condition which indirectly fosters the agricultural economy in both rural and urban communities in this region.